Art Against Ageism Competition

Challenge the negative stereotypes of ageing through art

Art has been a powerful tool throughout history to convey messages about society. We believe there’s no better way to challenge negative stereotypes of ageing and promote inclusivity than through an exhibition celebrating the beauty and diverse capabilities of older people. In a world where ageism persists in various forms, we aim to create a culture that values and cherishes our elders, fostering an environment that rejects marginalization and elder abuse. We are excited to run the annual “AMCS Art Against Ageism” Competition, and we invite you to be part of this opportunity.

The essence of our competition lies in using art as a medium to combat ageism and embrace the wisdom and experiences of older adults. We invite people from all walks of life to join us in breaking stereotypes and promoting a more compassionate society. Together, you can help us to encourage talented people to participate and unite to challenge ageism, fostering a world that values and respects individuals regardless of their age.

Competition Details

In an effort to encourage wide ranging participation, we welcome all entries in your chosen artistic medium. This may include Painting, Drawings, Photography, Graphic Design, Textiles, Print, Crochet, Sculpture, Knitting etc. We are excited to see your creativity!

Stay tuned for when our next competition opens and in the meantime – start creating!


To view the highlights of our 2023 competition, click here


Together, we can make a meaningful difference in our community and beyond.

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