COVID-19 Multicultural Support Hub

AMCS coordinates projects to support the community.

Women Together for Safer Pathways

Women Together for Safer Pathways makes a positive impact in the community by preparing community members to get vaccinated.

    AMCS has free educational workshops:

  • Train to be a peer educator to encourage community members to get vaccinated
  • Obtain current COVID-19 vaccine information
  • Learn COVID-19 vaccination benefits
  • discuss challenges in accessing information and resources with like-minded people.


Social cafés

Join social cafés to keep active and healthy.

Gentle exercise and information session

Every Monday 11:00am – 12:30pm
Bring two dumbbells/water bottles or anything else to use as weights.

If you are experiencing new challenges or have nobody to talk to, our social cafés is a safe place to share experiences, concerns or get a referral for one-on-one support.

Are you feeling isolated and need to connect with the community?

    The AMCS COVID Support Hub also assist with:

  • Food and hygiene packs
  • COVID-19 health information
  • COVID-19 vaccination information
  • Accessing My Aged Care
  • Help to find work

Have a chat, access resources and learn something new.


Other Projects