AMCS Multicultural Advisory Services

AMCS has extensive experience in working with and supporting culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) Victorians. As part of our commitment for inclusivity, capability building and collaboration, we share our broad knowledge and expertise with CALD community leaders, government departments, service and health providers, small and emerging communities, and other relevant organisations. These services can be provided on a fee for service basis or free of charge.

Some advisory services include:

One-to-one or focus-group consultations, and/or training workshops.

  • Help CALD organisations/community leaders etc. to identify barriers to community engagement.
  • Support organisations to identify their target audience, relevant CALD organisations/community groups, networks and links.
  • Support to create unique approaches to engagement, both in terms of channels and format.

Deliver one-to-one or focus-group consultations, and/or training workshops.

  • Tailored support to the target organisations to outline relevant CALD community groups and their leadership structures;
  • Advice on priority needs of interest to target organisation;
  • Advice on current issues and challenges for CALD communities of interest to target organisation;

Provide CALD community leaders, government organisations and service providers one-to-one and focus-group consultations, and training workshops.

  • Identifying culturally appropriate communication strategies;
  • Support links to appropriate accredited interpreters and translators;
  • Strategies to support respectful communication (i.e. who should be the main communicator, how to create trusted messengers);

  • Consult with the community groups/clients to document current service and information needs
  • Develop co-design processes/workshops for designing of effective service responses
  • Identify strategies to codesign effective service responses arising from the workshops

Provide CALD individual/community and service providers one-to-one or focus-group consultations, and /or training workshops.

  • Assess training needs/gaps for the target organisation and staff
  • Support to understand barriers for participants with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.
  • Cultural Competency and Cultural Safety training for appropriate staff/volunteers
  • Advice on raising the profile of the target organisation’s service through tailored promotional approaches.

  • What is leadership?
  • What is available for free or at low cost for community organisations?
  • How to apply for funding?
  • How to establish government funded support services for your community?
  • How to write submission?
  • How to promote your activities?
  • How to incorporate and manage a not-for-profit association?
  • Public Speaking – elective
  • Effective communication with government representatives – elective
  • Government structures and processes – elective

To request an appointment with Elizabeth Drozd, AMCS CEO, please contact reception on or (03) 9689 9170.

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