AMCS Charitable Funds

In December 2015, our Board of Directors established The AMCS Charitable Fund as part of our commitment to migrant communities in Australia.

We provide financial support for home care, adult education, community projects, social and sporting clubs, and activities to champion migrants’ history, language and culture.

To provide an additional source of funding for home-based aged care, advocacy, adult education, emergency assistance, support services and associated projects.

Sufficient funding for meaningful and effective support, opportunities, access and equity for migrant communities.

AMCS Charitable Fund Objectives

  • Raise funds to improve individuals and groups’ independence and assist in community development.
  • Attract further donations and demonstrate the fund is properly managed and benefits multicultural communities.
  • Promote effective giving within the community.
  • Raise awareness for significant community and social issues.
  • Create a lasting community asset for people to easily donate during their lifetime, witness the results of their donations and give the community an opportunity to plan for its own needs and aspirations.
  • For more information about the AMCS Charitable Fund, please use the Contact us Form.

Make a donation

A donation is a true act of kindness for multicultural citizens to have the same services that everybody enjoys. To support the good work we undertake, please consider a donation.

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