Carers Initiatives 2021

Sometimes carers are too busy looking after others; they often do not have time for themselves. AMCS has two projects designed for carers: (1) Working for Carers with Carers and (2) Creative Communities for Carers.

Working for Carers with Carers
Are you a carer of a loved one?
Connect with other carers through free social groups and co-design workshops with partner organisations.


  • Exercises: Rock & roll, Zumba, tai chi and yoga.
  • Co-design workshops: Mental health sessions, creative classes, support with internet and IT applications, and navigating My Aged Care.
  • Social groups with snacks.

Supported by Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Creative Communities for Carers (project finished July 2021)
The program aims to support and actively engage carers across greater Melbourne and regional Victoria. Enjoy creative workshops to reduce stress and increase community engagement while working collaboratively with artists to create artefacts for an outdoors community festival.

If you’re a carer for someone aged over 65, you’re invited to:

  • join free creative workshops
  • make giant puppets for theatre and community festivals
  • learn from professional artists and puppeteers

Meet other carers, be part of a creative community and learn techniques to improve your overall wellbeing.

Supported by Carers Victoria.


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