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FECCA newsletter: AMCS Anti-Ageism Art Challenge winners and participants win hearts

Thank you to Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA) for featuring the AMCS Anti-Ageism Art Challenge in their newsletter.

To combat ageism and the negative perceptions seniors face in the community, AMCS launched an art challenge to represent positive ageing, inclusivity, multiculturalism and life celebrations.

Gerardo Chierchia’s photos of his friend Carlo, who passed away five months ago, unanimously won first prize of $1,000. As a participant in the AMCS Volunteer Visiting Programs, Gerardo visits seniors at risk of social isolation. A mutual friend asked if Gerardo could support Carlo too.

“We developed a friendship and started making a movie together on the life of a volunteer and senior,” Mr Chierchia said.

Maria Janczak won second prize of $500 for a painting of her mother skipping and Jack Forbes-Walker placed honorary third for his Indigenous art piece.

Congratulations to everyone who entered and helped us challenge ageism.
See the full article on page 14.

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